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[Guide] Changing your game client

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Hello, friends. I usually do when I say. You wanted a guide - get it! So, let's start. 🙂 

In before, what do you need: 
- Adobe Photoshop any version (I use cc2018)
- ACRE / Grimoire

Let's talk about game client at all. When you open your client folder, you will see data.xxx files. They contains all in-game stuff. Images, rdbs, icons, models, textures, sound/video files, configs, animations and much much more. This is how unpacked datas looks like:
Your game client has /Resource folder besides data files. It may contains same files as data.xxx already have, but with more priority. When you launch the game, your game gonna search for file from /Resoure folder first. If it does not exist in this folder, it gonna check the data.

Let's unpack data.xxx
Download any game client then open ACRE or Grimoire, which you prefer. 

1) Select 3rd tab named Data Dumper
2) Select game client folder and select dump folder. Better to use new folder for dump
3) Press Load and wait until ACRE load all files. After loading, press Dump All. It gonna take long time, so get some patience. 

For Grimoire:
1) Press empty bar on the left-top from program window. 
2) Select DATA
3) You can see Load|New; You need to press New and select data.000 in game folder. 
4) In the right side of program window you can see all exist files. Press Right mouse button to all, then press Export
5) Wait for the dump. It gonna be in your Grimoire folder called Output
Do not try to dump our client, it's encrypted

So, we got client dump. What's next?
Every file has special name. For exaplme, let's change Betrayal card image. It contains in /jpg folder with file name game_image_card_betrayal.jpg



This image has 189x280 resolution. Open this in Photoshop.
While opening the file, Photoshop may say Embedded Profile Mismatch. Select Use the embedded profile (instead of the working space) then press OK.

So, we have this opened, what should we do: For example, I will get Karma art from internet. It's League of Legends hero.
Just paste image here, resize it as you want to (Do NOT resize canvas, only image which you copied)
Be sure that it's top layer, otherwise it will be not shown.


Now save the image. Left-top bar File -> Save as...
Select JPEG in file type (NOT JPEG 2000! It should be same as original). Save it anywhere you want with original name (For me it's game_image_card_betrayal.jpg)
Quality: 12 (Maximum)
Format Options: Baseline ("Standart")

Okay, next step.
Copy this file to your /Resource folder
Add to your .bat launcher /notenc argument in the end of the line. It should be like this:

Run the game with this .bat launcher and check if it works.


So, if you want to use this without /notenc argument, or with launcher you should hash your file.

1) Create empty folder
2) Open 2nd tab called Hash Tool
3) Search for Folder Dir in Folder Hasher section. Press on this bar and select a path to your empty folder
4) Drag your file to this empty folder
5) Select Encrypt, then press Hash Folder button in the right side of the program
6) Copy your hashed file to /Resource folder

For Grimoire:
1) Press empty bar on the left-top from program window. 
2) Select HASHER
3) Drag your file to this program window, it automatically will be hashed
4) Copy your hashed file to /Resource folder

So, now you know how to change almost every thing in the game. Let's talk about restrictions.
Almost all in-game images should be same size as original ones. But some of them can be different. For example, main menu background image.
There is upscaled image to 16:9 with 7680x4320 resolution. Your game client will automatically adapt it to your screen resolution, so if you have 4:3 display resolution format, do not upsale your image to 1920x1080 (16:9), it gonna looks bad.

So, there is my archive for you, it contains old style icons for Creature Cards, Ornitos and Lydians. As well as upscaled background images and classic Horizon. Be creative, my friend! 🙂 

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