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1) Reworked trading cards drop. Little bit decreased chance (1.32% now); fixed some bugs with them
2) Now you can buy Astral Powder from merchant shop. It costs 200k gold and can be combined with Trading Cards
3) New combinations:


Bear Trading card (Drops from bears in ursa caverns; 0,2% chance [around 30 cards per 6k points try]) + Astral Powder = Gen Points Box (10 - 30 Gen Points)
Any Creature trading card (Like hawkman, Jihn, Siren, etc) + Astral Powder = Creature Taming card
Any Trading Card + Empty bottle + Bronze orb = Potion of Transformation (Transforms you to a monster depends on trading card you used for 30 mins; 5 mins CD)

4) Changed gen points shop:


Empty potion bottle - 300p
God Mother's Fairy Bottle - 1500p
Premium Stable Pass (3 days) - 1500p
Premium Stable Pass (7 days) - 2900p5) Added missing icons (GM buff; Mother bear loot pet)

6) Fixed ninja decorative set
7) Fixed charging ethereal stone and some UI Empty strings
8 ) New siege timers: (GMT+3)



LM1 Friday 7 PM
CV1 Friday 8 PM
RoAM1 Friday 9 PM
PP1 Friday 10 PM

LM2 Saturday 7 PM
CV2 Saturday 8 PM
RoAM2 Saturday 9 PM
PP2 Saturday 10 PM

Sanctuary - Sunday 7 PM
ToA Sunday 8 PM
ToLS Sunday 9 PM
ToE Sunday 10 PM


9) Decreased food weight and drop model
10) Fixed Veiled Island mobs respawn
11) Increased Kynish and Ashmaw power. Now it's impossible to kill them at rank 6 (I guess so)
12) Added Firepixie and Naga exchanging to scrolls; Now exchanging is 1 to 1
13) Fixed creature farm
14) Removed orbs drop from field bosses (Gonna rework them later); Changed ratio:


Aurumis 50% to get 1-3
HM Aurumis 100% to get 1-4
Betrayal 50% to get 1-4
HM Betrayal 100% to get 2-5
Ashmaw 50% to get 2-5
HM Ashmaw 100% to get 3-6
Kynish 100% to get 3-5
HM Kynish 100% to get 3-8 golden orbs; 50% to get 10-15 Silver orbs (Can drop both)

15) Fixed new sets
16) Upscaled main menu image to 1920x1080; removed galas annoying logos; Changed last intro picture

17) Balance notes

Eternal Pillar of Fire CD 60 ->25
Essence of life CD down to 25
Support of Gust CD 30 -> 20 with a 5% increase in the attack speed
Spirit of Restoration CD 180 -> 90

Battle Kahuna
Huge Volcanic Eruption CD 10m -> 2m; Increased damage
Rain of the Spirits CD 5m -> 2m & cast speed 1.5s -> 0.7s
Thunderstorm Slayer CD 3m -> 1m
Shuddering Flame CD 2m -> 1.2m

Battle Summoner
Skill power increased twice:
Aura of Hailsha; Combat support; Blood Aura; Magic support; Power support; Spirit support
Spirit Aura increased x3

Changed Dual Summoning Control to Dual Summoning

Shadow Hunter
Burning Style - Now gains +17.5% agi/dex and reduces max hp for 15% at max lvl
Agile Style - Now gains +15% to Mov.Spd/Atk.Spd/Evasion and reduces all stats including luck for 7% at max lvl
Dusk Style - Now gains +17.5% to vitality/max hp and reduces agi/dex for 13% at max lvl

Another stuff
Dual Summoning Max lv 10  -> 15
Creature Breeding Max lv 10 -> 13

Octopus Buff:
HP drain: 180 start; +7 per lvl
Chance: 30% start; +1 per lvl

HP drain: 20 start; +4 per lvl
Chance to: 20% start; +1 per lvl

Reduced duration to 10 minutes (With 10 mins CD)

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